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The Finite and the Infinite: A New view on the problem

Totraz P. Lolaev

(Theses of the Report at the Eleventh Russian Philosophical Congress. June 1999, Ekaterinburg)

Given that the Universe as a whole /The Universe embracing all the objectively existing world/, pulsates the so called Big Blast) must occur every time at achievement by it (the Universe) the utmost potential degree of compression, and, vice versa, the compression cycle of the Universe is to start at achievement of a strictly determined degree of rare faction, for the total energy in the Universe is a constant. Both the next expansion cycle of the Universe and the subsequent compression period must be absolutely and identically recurrent. Because only under that condition the consecutively alternating cycles of the pulsating Universe can be equal. Otherwise any of the specified two conditions of the Universe should have taken first, which has to be ruled out as scientific and practical data disprove the Generation of the Universe.

Moreover, we hold that in Global Universe even if it doesn’t pulsate there is a complete and absolute recurrence of the periods of qualitative changes as a result of which concrete forms of Substance emerge and disappear. The indisputable fact that all the material phenomena making up he Universe without exception are finite, confirms this statement. It follows that the number of the potential changes and transformations of each single material object or all the material phenomena is realized completely and exhaustively. The subsequent period has to be absolutely, identical in terms of both qualitative and quantitative characteristics

It should be stressed in this connection that there are convincing theoretical and experimental data proving the number of the potential changes and transformations of the material phenomena making up the Universe is finite.

It's well known fact that in 1890 long before crystals structure definition E.S. Fedorov and A. Shenflis proved that there can only be 230 of such space symmetry groups. It is also known that this conclusion subsequently formed the axiomatic basis of modern crystal chemistry- the theory of the nuclear structure of crystals. Since then over twenty thousand crystal structures have been determined but none of them contradicts Fedorov's theory.

Thus, the Substance is not characterized by any infinite change variability which means that there cannot be any infinite variety of forms of existence. That is why in the Universe, which can be neither created nor destroyed an infinite recurrence of the finite must take place.

Hence, it is only in the above specified sense that the infiniteness of the Universe as a whole could be discussed.

For the reasons stated above the pulsating Universe (even if its expansion and compression cycles do not recur completely) must accomplish an absolute circulation(rotation) in the course of its development.