The Nature of Time: Geometry, Physics and Perception. Edited by Rosolino Buccheri, Metod Saniga, and William Mark Stuckey. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht / Boston / London (published in cooperation with NATO Scientific Affairs Division), 2003


List of participants
Group photo
Chapter 1: Internal Times and Consciousness
S. Grondin:
An Overview
A. D. Eisler:
The Human Sense of Time: Biological, Cognitive and Cultural Considerations
H. Eisler:
The Parallel-Clock Model: a Tool for Quantification of Experienced Duration
R. Nikolaeva-Hubenova:
Time in the Cognitive Process of Humans
S. Grondin:
Studying Psychological Time with Weber's Law
M. Binder:
Time and the Problem of Consciousness
G. B. Vicario
Temporal Displacement
H. Atmanspacher and T. Filk
Discrimination and Sequentialization of Events in Perception
S. Hameroff:
Time, Consciousness and Quantum Events in Fundamental Spacetime Geometry
G. Franck:
How Time Passes
J. Sanfey:
Reality, and Those Who Perceive It
M. Kafatos, S. Roy and M. Draganescu:
The Conscious Universe
Chapter 2: Mathematical Approaches to the Concept of Time
M. Saniga:
An Overview
M. Saniga:
Geometry of Time and Dimensionality of Space
J. D. H. Smith:
Time in Biology and Physics
G. Jaroszkiewicz:
Analysis of the Relationship Between Real and Imaginary Time in Physics
M. Pavsic:
Clifford Algebra, Geometry and Physics
C. Castro:
The Programs of the Extended Relativity in C-Spaces: Towards Physical Foundations of String Theory
M. Planat:
Time Measurements, 1/F Noise of the Oscillators and Algebraic Numbers
I. Antoniou and Z. Suchanecki:
Internal Time and Innovation
V. Di Gesù and G. M. Palma:
Quantum Computing: a Way to Break Complexity?
V. V. Aristov
On the Relational Statistical Space-Time Concept
D. B. Kucher and A. G. Shkorbatov:
Self-organization in Discrete Systems with Fermi-Type Memory
Chapter 3: The Physicist's View of Time
W. M. Stuckey:
An Overview
R. M. Kiehn:
Thermodynamic Irreversibility and the Arrow of Time
Z. Jacobson:
Time from Quantum Uncertainty
G. Vitiello:
The Arrow of Time in Quantum Theories
I. I. Shevchenko:
Conformal Time in Cosmology
B. Lukács:
Acausality and Retrocausality in Four- and Higher-Dimensional General Relativity
F. Lobo and P. Crawford:
Time, Closed Timelike Curves and Causality
A. C. Elitzur and S. Dolev:
Is There More to T?
A. A. Chernitskii:
Global Causality in Space-Time Universe
V. Dzhunushaliev:
Time at the Origin of the Universe: Fluctuations Between two Possibilities
J. S. Eakins:
Quantum Cellular Automata, the EPR Paradox and the Stages Paradigm
S. Roy:
Planck Scale Physics, Pregeometry and the Notion of Time
W. M. Stuckey:
Causality as a Casualty of Pregeometry
Chapter 4: Integrative Science's Views of Time
R. Buccheri:
An Overview
C. C. Evangeliou:
The Aristotelian Relation of Time to Motion and to the Human Soul
A. Grandpierre:
The Dynamics of Time and Timelessness: Philosophy, Physics and Prospects for our Life
F.-G. Winkler:
Spacetime Holism and the Passage of Time
R. Buccheri:
The Intelligibility of Nature, the Endophysical Paradigm and the Relationship Between Physical and Psychological Time
G. Darvas:
Potential and Actual Time Concepts
A. P. Levich:
Paradigms of Natural Science and Substantial Temporology
G. Jaroszkiewicz:
Time Questionnaire