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Macroscopic nonlocal correlations by new data of the Baikal Experiment
Коротаев С.М. (Korotaev S.M.), Буднев Н.М. (Budnev N.M.), Сердюк В.О. (Serdyuk V.O.), Киктенко Е.О. (Kiktenko E.O.), Орехова Д.А. (Orekhova D.A.), Горохов Ю.В. (Gorohov Yu.V.) Macroscopic nonlocal correlations by new data of the Baikal Experiment // Journal of Physics Conf. Ser. 2022. V. 2197. P. 012019. doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/2197/1/012019

Категории: Исследование, Авторский указатель

Macroscopic nonlocal correlations by new data of the Baikal Experiment
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The long-term Baikal experiment on study of macroscopic nonlocal correlations between random dissipative heliogeophysical processes and probe ones in the detectors have revealed prominent features of macroscopic entanglement predicted by action-at-a-distance electrodynamics. These correlations have both the retarded and advanced components with large time shifts. The correlations occur at extremely low frequencies and require long series of observations, so the Baikal experiment is continuing to study their unusual properties. In 2019-2021 new data were obtained on correlation of the signals of spaced detectors with each other and with to the natural processes: solar and hydrodynamic activity in Lake Baikal, as well as with the earthquake. The possibility of forecasting of solar and hydrodynamic activity on nonlocal correlations is demonstrated. Recently we paid attention to relatively short periods and discovered unexpected in-phase diurnal variation in the signals of both deep-sea detectors. This diurnal variation is not related to any hydrological processes. Moreover, this variation turned out in-phase with that one recorded by the remote lab detector (at the longitude difference 67°), that is it occurs in universal time, and cannot be associated with the meteorological or geomagnetic diurnal variations. The source of this signal in nonlocal correlation detectors is unknown yet.

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