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On the way to a Standard Model of Time
Зиналиев М.Т. (Zinaliyev M.T.) On the way to a Standard Model of Time // European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences n°1(March)/2017, Section 6. Physics, p.p. 35-45.

Категории: Исследование, Авторский указатель, Физика, Конструкция (модель) времени, Направление времени, (Не)обратимость времени

On the way to a Standard Model of Time
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This article outlines the principles that lead to the creation of a Standard Model of Time (SMT). The new paradigm allows to generalize and systematize the modern scientific knowledge concerning the notion of "time", as well as to define the direction of the time vector, introduce the concept of “flowing of time”, “anti-space”, “gravitational quantum numbers” etc. This work was executed within the framework of the principle of correspondence, without the involvement of exotic forces and fields.


Universal Time Model, Theory of Relativity, Directed Time Concept, Oriented Time Concept, kinetic event horizon, anti-space, limits of applicability of the concept of "time", positive tension of the gravitational field, gravitational quantum numbers, Big Bang, baryon asymmetry, dark energy.

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