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Relativistic oscillator in quaternion relativity
Ефремов А.П. (Yefremov A.P.) Relativistic oscillator in quaternion relativity // Quantization in Astrophysics, Brownian Motion, and Supersymmetry. 2007. 18 p.

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Relativistic oscillator in quaternion relativity
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In the framework of Quaternion (Q-) Theory of Relativity im-plying invariance of the 6D-space-time vector “interval” the kine-matics of two frames is considered under condition that one frame is inertial and the other is subject to action of harmonic force. Us-ing mathematical tools of Q-relativity the cinematic problem is completely solved from the viewpoint of each frame, i.e. distance, velocity and acceleration are found as functions of observers’ time. Majority of cinematic relations are revealed to be represented by exact expressions: elementary functions and series; some relations though are found only approximately. Observed motions are of course not harmonic functions. Clock paradox is discussed.

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