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To solving the paleontological paradox
Зиналиев М.Т. (Zinaliyev M.T.) To solving the paleontological paradox // European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences n°5(September)/2017. Section 2, Biology, pp. 15-37.

Категории: Исследование, Авторский указатель, Физика, Конструкция (модель) времени, Направление времени, (Не)обратимость времени

To solving the paleontological paradox
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Many a biological organism that left irrefutable evidence of the fact of their existence in the rock of the chronicles of the Earth point to the existence of periods in the geological history of our planet when gravity was about twice as low as today. Meanwhile, geophysics, astrophysics and cosmology reject such a possibility as one not scientifically grounded. This article analyzes the existing experimental data and theoretical development leading to the solving of this paleoparadox.


Paleontological paradox, growing Earth theory, the problem of the Earth's inner source, geodynamo, plate tectonics, GRACE, geoid, oscillations of the Earth's gravitational field, gravitational-meteorological paradox, Universal Model of Time, the concept of Oriented Time, the unit vector of time, flowing of time, kinetic horizon of events, antispace, gravitational quantum numbers, quark-gluon source.

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