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“Spring theory of relativity” originating from quantum mechanics
Ефремов А.П. (Yefremov A.P.) “Spring theory of relativity” originating from quantum mechanics // Twelfth Asia-Pacific International Conference on Gravitation, Astrophysics, and Cosmology. April 2016

“Spring theory of relativity” originating from quantum mechanics
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Compact derivation of mathematical equations similar to those of quantum and classical mechanics is given on the base of fractal decomposition of a three-dimensional space. In physical units the equations become Shrödinger and Hamilton-Jacobi equations, the wave function of a free particle associated with a virtual ring. Locally uniform motion of the ring in the physical space provides an original helix (or regular cylindrical spring) model of a relativistic theory equivalent in results with special relativity, the free particle's relativistic Lagrangian emerging automatically. Irregular spring model generates theory similar to general relativity.

Keywords: Hypercomplex numbers, fractal space, quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, virtual ring, relativity

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