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Einstein's Gravitation for Machian Relativism of Nonlocal Energy-Charges
Булыженков И.Э. (Bulyzhenkov I.E.) Einstein's Gravitation for Machian Relativism of Nonlocal Energy-Charges // Int. Journal of Theoretical Physics. 2008. 47: 1261-1269. doi: 10.1007/s10773-007-9559-z

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Einstein's Gravitation for Machian Relativism of Nonlocal Energy-Charges
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Tetrads require six metric bounds and energy-to-energy gravitation in the 1913 tensor generalization of the SR four-vector and the scalar four-interval. Only four energymomentum components of the 1915 source equation can be relevant to flatspace gravitation of overlapping nonlocal carriers of energy-charges. New singularity-free metric equally works for the Einstein-Grossmann geodesic motion and for the r-4 elementary source in non-empty flatspace with the local time dilatation. The GR energy integral of the nonlocal radial (astro)carrier is finite and determines its active/passive gravitational charges. The SR reference for self-contained Einstein's relativity replaces the constant masses with their GR energies in the 1686 universal law of gravitation for the undivided world ensemble of overlapping radial matter. Gravitational/inertial energy-charges of nonlocal carriers depend on their global time-varying interactions with other elementary energy-charges that quantitatively address Machian relativism for gravitation and inertia. Electromagnetic waves change the gravitational/inertial energy-charge that can be tested in the Solar system. The non-empty space paradigm admits geometrization of the radial particle in the 1915 Einstein equation and suggests the similar field-energy nature for the distributed electric charge.

Keywords: Non-empty space; Nonlocal energy-charge; 3D flatness; Gravitational four-potentials; Non-dual carriers; Unification; Continuous particle

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