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Geometrical Meaning of Time and the Theory of Relativity
Journal of High Energy Physics , Gravitation and Cosmology, 6, 1-8.
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Geometrical Meaning of Time and the Theory of Relativity

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New geometrical model of time is suggested where time of body’s motion is defined as the length of its trajectories in four-dimension space-time. Within suggested approach periodical motions in clocks correspond to definite length of four-dimension trajectories that is clocks appear to be standards for measurements of length in four-dimension space analogously as hard sticks are standards for measurements of length in three-dimension space. This means that space and time are entities of the same geometrical nature. A suggested interpretation of time leads to necessity of changes in general theory of relativity. These changes are unessential for body’s motion in weak gravitational field.


Special and General Theory of Relativity, Space-Time, Geometrical Interpretation of Time


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