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Macroscopic entanglement and time reversal causality by data of the Baikal experiment
Zurbanov V.
Journal of Physics: Conference series. 2018. V. 1051. P. 012019.
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Macroscopic entanglement and time reversal causality by data of the Baikal experiment

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Although the general theory macroscopic quantum entanglement is still in its infancy, consideration of the matter in the framework of action-at-a-distance electrodynamics predicted, for the random dissipative processes, observability of the advanced nonlocal correlations (time reversal causality). These correlations were really revealed in our previous experiments with some large-scale random heliogeophysical processes as the source ones and the lab detectors as the probe ones. However, the strongest macroscopic nonlocal correlations are observed at extremely low frequencies; therefore, the long-terms experiments therewith under very stable conditions, which are difficult to achieve in a usual laboratory, are necessary. To overcome this difficulty, a new experiment has been conducted on the base of Baikal Deep Sea Neutrino Observatory since 2012. Baikal thick water layer is an excellent shield against any local impacts on the detectors. The long-term series of measurements demonstrates that detector signals respond to the random global heliogeophysical processes, but this nonlocal causal connection proves to contain considerable time reversal component. Nonlocal nature of this connection is confirmed by violation of the steering inequality. In addition, advanced nonlocal correlation of the detector signal with a regional source-process – the random component of hydrological activity (macroturbulence) in the upper layer is revealed. The possibilities of the random processes forecast on nonlocal correlations are demonstrated.

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