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Time, Elements and the Phoenix Hour in Lives and Poetry of Nobel Laureates and their Celestial Twins
Наука, технологии, общество и Международное Нобелевское движение: Материалы Нобелевского конгресса – 11 Международной встречи-конференции лауреатов Нобелевских премий и нобелистов, 24-28 окт. 2017 г., г. Тамбов (Россия) / под ред. проф. В.М.Тютюнника
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Time, Elements and the Phoenix Hour in Lives and Poetry of Nobel Laureates and their Celestial Twins

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Abstract. In our times both the works and the biographies of the Nobel laureates {NL} are accessible to empirical study. Their biographic materials portray distinguished personalities as real people with their faults and weaknesses. Such biographic studies become available mainly because in our epoch the quality and quantity of psychological observation have increased dramatically. By opening the books of their own life stories, the Nobel laureates invite us to witness the circumstances of their growth and to gain a better understanding of the limits of free will and of "Zeitgeist" dynamics. Assuming that poetry is an even more valuable source of authors' attitudes towards life than their respective autobiographies, the Nobel laureates in Literature who were awarded their prizes explicitly for poetry, constitute the most informative group for biographical research. Furthermore, according to Alfred Nobel's will (1895), the poetry of the laureates should be also "the most outstanding work in an ideal direction." The ability of such laureates to inspire entire societies makes them attractive for historical research. This paper is a pioneer venture into temporology. It seamlessly blends three different types of time: calendar times, the primordial cycles of the elements and the factor of birth-time (the Theta-factor). To make this fusion possible, this essay opens with a brief Introduction written in four parts, each part being a thumbnail sketch of one of the following basic temporal aspects: definitions of time, the four elements, the Effect of the Celestial Twins (ECT) and the model of the Phoenix Clock.

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