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Lecture courses at the chair

  1. System modelling
    • Sets theory and the language of category theory for natural scientists.
    • What is "quantity"? Functor method for comparison of mathematical structures.
    • Category-theoretical description of systems.
    • Variational modelling of open systems.
    • Components of dynamical theory construction: structure of objects, space of states, ways of variability, measurement of changes, the variability law, interpretation procedures.
    • Extremal principles of natural science.
    • What is system entropy?

  2. On time
    • Motivations and tasks of studying time.
    • On the way to understanding the time phenomenon: constructions of time in natural science.
    • Time: substance or relation?
    • Time: phenomenon or noumenon?
    • Entropy parametrization of time.

  3. Time in the existence of natural systems.
    • Natural references of the "course" of time.
    • Measuring the World variability: substitutional time of natural systems.
    • Specific times of natural science. Is time universal?
    • Time of biological systems

  4. The World picture.
    • Creation of the paradigm of an open World generated by "time".
    • Generating flows hypothesis: time, space, matter, interaction, entropy.
    • Getting rid of the "thermal death" bugaboo.