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Laboratory-chair of modelling the natural references of time

Chief: Alexander Petrovich Levich

"… since we only take time into consideration to the extent to which it is expressed and measured by uniform local motion, and since, besides, only things of the same kind may be compared with each other, as well as rates at which they increase or decrease, in what follows, I will not consider time as such, but I rather suppose that one of the quantities suggested, uniform with others, is increasing due to a uniform course, while all others are referred to it as to time. Therefore, by analogy, not without reason, one can preserve the name of time for this quantity. Thus anywhere in what follows where the word "time" is met (and I use it very frequently for the sake of clarity), one should not understand it as time in its formal meaning, but only that quantity, different from time, whose uniform growth is used for expressing and measuring time (italicized by I.N.)."

(I. Newton, "Method of fluxions and infinite series with its application to the geometry of curved lines"), in the book "Reader in History of Mathematics", ed. by A.P. Yushkevich, Moscow, Prosveshchenie Publishers, 1977, p. 95. Cited after Yu.A. Lebedev, "Ambiguous Universe", Kostroma, 2000 (in Russian). Back-translated from Russian.