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Periodic waveguided multiverse as a source of dark matter and dark energy
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1147. 2019. 012083.
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Periodic waveguided multiverse as a source of dark matter and dark energy

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Sources of dark matter (DM) and dark energy (DE) could be co-existing standardmodel (SM)-universes. The proposed four-dimensional (4D)-multiverse—periodic chain of identical (parallel, quasi-flat) three-dimensional (3D)-waveguides—mimics adjacent identical SM-like universes, immersed in global 4D-Euclidean space. The quasi-classical Maxwellianlike waveguided normal modes simultaneously create quantized 3D-rest-mass particles (from electron to higher masses) with co-emergent basic physical laws (special relativity, quantum mechanics) plus weak Newtonian gravity with equivalence principle. The basic novelties are: The nearest adjacent SM-like-universes show evident charge-parity-time plus ±Mgr (gravity charges) symmetries—matter–antimatter antigravity—the dark energy nature; the nearest even (odd) 3D-universes become SM-decoupled, DM-like gravitating, disclosing the dark matter and DM–DE fine-tuning nature. The proposed corresponding weightless superfluid vacuum-medium concept discloses the Planckian h, light speed C constants nature as propagating massless quasiparticles-magnons—attractive–repulsive odd spin-1 photons and spin-3 gravitons; explains the quantum double-split, entanglement, etc phenomena and the 3D-waveguided quasi-optical nature of the least-action principle. This concept predicts: The matter–antimatter antigravity; only antimatter (the only SM mediator between matter and dark matter) able detect dark matter particles; the only possibility create dark matter particles is the antiparticles–antiparticles collision (never done), realizable even in low-energy colliders.

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