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From the waveguided gravity to the periodic waveguided Multiverse as united solution of dark energy & dark matter & SUSY – mysteries

From the waveguided gravity to the periodic waveguided Multiverse as united solution of dark energy & dark matter & SUSY – mysteries

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The quasi-classical concept of Periodic Waveguided Multiverse (PWM) is proposed. This periodic 4D-hyperstructure has substantial theoretical and observational-cosmological confirmations because it unites and refines the basic physical laws (SR&GR&QM, etc), inseparably emergent in the waveguided dynamics and gives the multiversal explanation of dominating observational DE&DM-mysteries (including predicted and observed two-component DM) – interconnected cosmological evidences for the PWM-existence. The PWM concept can be soon tested in a laboratory: (a) it predicts antigravity in the anti-hydrogen gravity test at CERN; (b) predicts direct-atypical DM&ANTIMATTER annihilation with radiation of one – visible-detectable and one – dark-undetectable gamma quantum - as basis for the proposed selective direct DM-detection. The PWM-foundation is surprisingly compact – it is based on two penetrating Planckian & Einsteinian ideas: I - photon-quanta and II - principle of equality of our 3D-spatial dimensions (x,y,z) with an additional extra-dimension L, realizing so expanded - automatically Euclidean 4D-space (x,y,z,L). We have applied these basic physical insights in frames of classical-Maxwellian-like 3D-waveguides Wn [x,y,z,nL0<L<(n+1)L0], realizing an endless periodic chain of physically identical parallel W2n/W2n+1 Universes/Antiuniverses (n = ±1, ±2, ±3,…, ±), filling this global space (x,y,z,L), where Lo=λel.Compton ≈ 1 picometer, determined by the lightest (electron) rest mass particle. This structure discloses the waveguided co-emergence of the (1) pure C4-dynamical quantized-gapped - “elementary” rest mass; (2) the SR & QM & Newtonian-like, periodic matter/antimatter antigravity; (3) the CPTPWM symmetry between particles/antiparticles, with the gravity “charge” symmetry (4) the modified Equivalence Principle EPPWM; (5) singularity-less Diracian-like fermions/antifermions and GR-like black/white holes free of singularity; (6) opens physical possibility of the nongravitating – chargeless, very robust scalar (Cooper-like) composites - electron-positron-cells, hidden in their globally coherent superfluid vacuum condensate at low T – as Diracian-like, equilibrium superfluid sea/anti-sea. Common electron/positron pairs arise as elementary defects – Diracian holes/antiholes in this vacuum, disclosing the composite-SUSY nature and explaining why cosmological constant is zero; (7) the global C3-dynamical pseudo-Euclidean 4D-spacetime concept by Minkowski is rethought and reformulated on the 3D-waveguided, 4D-Euclidean physical basis, where global linear intervals (→→→→→C3tMink.) → (↗↘↗↘↗↘↗↘↗↘C4tPWM) -waveguided-polygonal intervals - C4t-parameterizations of the polygonal rest mass particle dynamics, disclosing the waveguided/wave-optical (Huygens-Fermat’s) sense of the mechanical Lagrangian and Hamilton's principle of the least action.

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