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Professional diversity in social work and it's professional anchors in Moldova
Зубенски М. (Zubenschi Mariana) Professional diversity in social work and it's professional anchors in Moldova // Калейдоскоп времени: ускорение, инверсия, нелинейность, многообразие. Под ред. В.Н. Ярской. СГТУ, 2016. С. 283-291.

Категории: Исследование, Авторский указатель

Professional diversity in social work and it's professional anchors in Moldova
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At the national level the social work profession represents an oriented civic request on social desirability, the professional vulnerability being expressed by the existence of organizational tools that would satisfy it completely. A very critique point and professional turn out are the lack of vocational training, national centers, state regulations, resources for professional training and guidance in social work profession, which could provide and adapt the professional orientation strategy in social work at all educational levels (as schools, universities, NGO and public sectors). The professional guidance in choosing and experiencing a profession in schools and universities could not link the secular practice abroad with traditional and socio-economic characteristics for Moldova, as social work profession is a specialty in professional transition. The diversity of specialists working in this area gather specialties not only from social sciences areas as sociology, psychology and pedagogy, but also add engineers, agronomist, nurses, as it is no expressed limits for low status profession as it is social work in Moldova. Basically, the professional social level dictates the relation between empowerment and social status, which is focalized on the occupied position by the individual in the society, namely by the extra situational differences in social positions [6 p.109].

The aim of this article is to analyze in context the expression of professional diversity in social work, to review the situational differences as urban and in rural areas, public and nongovernmental sectors, that would serve as basic data for their professional anchors evaluation with relative requirements of social environment.

Keywords: Vocational identity, professional anchors, professional determinants in social work, career choice, success, career dilemmas, career in transition.

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